OTC and Retail Packaging Products

OTC and Retail Packaging Products

Keystone Folding Box Co. has decades of expertise in the manufacture of OTC and retail packaging products, including the new EcoSlide OTC.

Keystone’s EcoSlide OTC is a child-resistant paperboard pack for over-the-counter products that are packaged in blisters.  The innovative, eco-friendly solution features a push-button locking mechanism that provides F=1 child resistance while eliminating the need for the more traditional “peel back/push-through” method of removing pills from blister packs.

The EcoSlide OTC locking mechanism is identical to a newly-enhanced, easier-to-activate version found on the company’s most recent EcoSlide-RX 3.0 package. EcoSlide-RX, which has consistently achieved the highest child resistance rating through multiple tests, and gained widespread consumer acceptance in both clinical and commercial markets.  Like its predecessor, EcoSlide OTC’s simple push-button locking mechanism addresses long-standing consumer complaints about the intricate, often cumbersome removal process required by most over-the-counter, “peel and push” child-resistant blister packs.

In this fashion, EcoSlide OTC demonstrates a high level of senior friendliness and convenience – a benefit further enhanced by the ability to print large, easy-to-read type or pictographs on all sides of the pack for clear, unambiguous opening instructions.  True to its name, EcoSilde OTC also is more environmentally sustainable than competing packages.

In developing EcoSlide OTC, Keystone Folding Box Co. worked closely with prominent contract packagers, who are now increasingly receiving requests from major retail chains for new and innovative approaches to child-resistant packaging for over-the-counter products.