Injectable Packaging Products

Injectable Packaging Products

Ideal secondary packaging solutions for biologics, vaccines, and any in-vivo drug delivery product, Keystone’s Vial Pack family of cartons includes designs for packaging a single vial or ampoule, or as many products as a program requires.

Our Injectable Packs are suitable for prefilled syringes or auto-injector pens, and can be designed to conveniently include ancillary items like sterile wipes.

The InjectaSlide package incorporates a thermoformed tray that slides inside a carton and into a locked position; a lock release button must be pressed to unlock and slide the tray forward for easy access to each dose.

Materials used are compatible with the low temperature exposure typically found in cold-chain distribution of Injectable products.  This is just one more example of how the Keystone team ensures that product protection is engineered into every design.

Child-Resistant features are available in some designs and  –  for in-home use – multiple dose packs can be printed in such a way to prompt the patient to administer the correct dose at the correct date and time.