The entire team at Keystone takes pride in the innovative design and precise manufacturing of its award-winning range of healthcare packaging solutions.

  • Clinical Trial Packaging Products

    In terms of requirements and restrictions, few industries are as demanding as the world of clinical trials. We have dedicated years to developing breakthrough packaging solutions that have become widely accepted by some of the most respected names in the clinical trial business.

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  • Prescription Pharmaceutical Packaging Products

    Patient adherence, child resistance and senior friendly operation are some of the hallmarks of Keystone’s approach to the design and manufacture of pharmaceutical packaging solutions. To that end, Keystone Folding Box Company offers Ecoslide RX 3.0, an improved version of its child-resistant Ecoslide-RX compliance package.

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  • OTC and Retail Packaging Products

    Keystone’s EcoSlide OTC is a child-resistant paperboard pack for over-the-counter products that are packaged in blisters. The innovative, eco-friendly solution features a push-button locking mechanism that provides F=1 child resistance while eliminating the need for the more traditional “peel back/push-through” method of removing pills from blister packs.

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  • Injectable Packaging Products

    Ideal secondary packaging solutions for biologics, vaccines, and any in-vivo drug delivery product, Keystone’s Vial Pack family of cartons includes designs for packaging a single vial or ampoule, or as many products as a program requires.

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  • Medical Device Packaging

    The design team at Keystone is prepared to custom engineer a carton that perfectly fits your medical device while meeting your most stringent packaging requirements. Folding cartons for medical devices are often ordered in low quantities and are usually produced in short runs.

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